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I am an experienced clairvoyant and psychic medium and have been from a young age. I am able to feel, see and hear spirits. I work from my heart to encourage my clients' strengths, improve their confidence and help them achieve their goals.

I can help you reconnect to the true divine essence of who you are by working my way through your past, present and future using my true inner guidance system via Tarot and Angel card readings. My unique link with spirit and energy gives me information about where your emotional, mental and physical blocks are and then help you to release them.

I am a fully qualified and experienced Reiki Master, offering healing, training and Reiki attunements on a one-to-one basis or within a group. Levels 1-3 (Reiki Master Level).

Psychic Development workshop

Do you have a strong desire or interest to develop your Psychic or Mediumship skills in order to communicate with the spirit world or to predict your own future or the future of others? I can teach you the knowledge to know and understand the difference between 'gut feeling' and 'thinking' as part of my Psychic Development Workshop.

Make the most of the 'Early bird price' for all 4x2 hour sessions at a very reasonable rate of £120 instead of £140 or just drop in for one session at £35.

Level 1, 2 & Reiki Master Courses

This course is suitable for those who wish to heal their life's (body, mind & spirit) align, gain spiritual wisdom, rise energetically, balance and recharge energy whilst helping other beings by starting a healing business from home.

The course includes the history of Reiki, Chakras, practical application and thoretical knowledge with all related media and coursework materials provided.

Psychic Mediumship

Psychic Mediumship
  • When we pass on - Only our physical body disappears, our souls remain active. I can translate this never-dying energy source.

I can help you to reconnect to your lost souls. There is nothing more powerful than soul energy - modern life doesn't allow us to realise our full potential.

Reiki Healing

Usui Reiki
  • Relief from stress & anxiety
  • Peace of mind and body
  • Eases muscle tension
  • Immune system strengthening
  • Accelerated healing after trauma

I am a fully qualified Reiki Master offering Reiki attunements and training (level 1-3 master level).

Tarot & Angel Reading

Tarot & Angel Reading
  • Achieve clarity over life choices
  • Come to terms with trauma
  • Find peace
  • Get specific answers and predictions

I can help you to reconnect with your past loved ones. I have given many readings throughout my life and would be glad to help you on your journey.

Soul Journey Healing

Soul Journey Healing
  • Transformational Soul Journey Healing to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual well-being as well as your long desired abundance flow.

These packages are individually designed for YOU beautiful soul, in order for you to raise your vibration to a higher level instantly with lasting effect.


  • Meditation produces a deep state of relaxation and a calm outlook. Focusing your attention and eliminating over-crowding thoughts.

This journey normally involves the clearing of negative energetic blocks which have been accumulated in the body, mind and spirit through traumatic experiences.

Chakra & Crystal Healing

Chakra & Crystal Healing
  • Deep relaxation
  • Relief from stress & anxiety
  • Centredness

I use clear quartz for the crown chakra, turquoise for the throat chakra, amethyst for the third eye, among others.

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My unique link with spirit and energy gives me a unique perspective about where your emotional, mental and physical blocks are and then help you to release them.

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