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My Life Journey

I am truly grateful for my past wake up calls. Every event led to where I am now.

Miriam Pfeil

Hi there, I'm Miriam and I am an experienced natural clairvoyant and psychic medium and have had these abilities from a very young age. I was born in Germany as an Indigo child into a troubled, dysfunctional family. I was forced to place trust in my instincts very early on and this separated me emotionally and spiritually from my fellow peers. I have been able to see, hear and feel spirits and have always received strong premonitions and visions about world events and other living beings. I have a powerful gift allowing me to see and feel when someone is in pain either emotionally, mentally, physically or even spiritually. I pick up on different frequencies and I have learned to translate those frequencies into words. It is like a code, a different language that you cannot see.

I took up a Reiki Practitioner course in 2011. My teacher taught me a great deal and I soon became a qualified Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner. Whilst learning I joined many groups in order to gain a wide variety of other spiritual skills such as Shamanic healing, crystal and energy healing. It was around his time that I was given my first Tarot deck and learned how to use it along with angel and oracle cards. I invited my own spirit guides into my spaces for protection and clarity. I concentrated my focus on gaining more knowledge about crystals, numbers, palmistry, runes, pendulums, energy and the law of attraction. None of this was new to me, but it felt like I was coming home. I meditated daily and created a new future for my son and myself.

Now that I have found my trade and my tribe, I can say with conviction that I work from the core of my heart to encourage other people's strengths and improve their confidence to help them achieve their goals. I am constantly progressing and evolving as a spiritual being myself. Throughout my life and past life experiences, I was able to gain wisdom through experience and a greater understanding of how the mind and spirit really work. I am continuously expanding my knowledge on all levels but in particular for naturopathic health, nutrition and my spiritual work. I am a firm believer that you can achieve your absolute full potential and the goals of your dreams as long as your Body, Mind and Spirit are in true balance. This is my vision and I want to guide you back to your 'soul mission' leading to a healthier, happier and more balanced life than ever before!

Miriam Pfeil

I can help you reconnect to the true divine essence of who you really are by working my way through your past, present and future using my true inner guidance system as well as Tarot and Angel card readings.

When we pass on only our physical body disappears. Our souls remain active and I can translate this never-dying energy source. I have the ability to describe your passed loved ones in detail and my readings are a truly magical and an honest experience. I have changed many peoples lives for the better and I draw happiness and fulfillness from this. There is nothing more powerful than soul energy! We are guided every single day but modern life doesn't allow us to realise our full potential. Stress disconnects us from our higher self and the connection with the soul. My unique link with spirit and energy gives me information about where your emotional, mental and physical blocks are and then help you to release them.

I am also a fully qualified and experienced Reiki Master, offering healing, training and Reiki attunements on a one-to-one basis or within a group. Levels 1-3 (Reiki Master Level).

I have a wide knowledge and passion for body, mind and spirit (especially nutrition, health and well-being).

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