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Chakra & Crystal Healing

I use clear quartz for the crown chakra, turquoise for the throat chakra, amethyst for the third eye, among others.

Chakra & Crystal Healiing

The benefits of chakra & crystal healing have long been well known. As a holistic and natural therapy, using the energetic power contained in different crystals healing unblocks and refocuses energy.

  • Benefits of Chakra & Crystal Healing
  • Deep relaxation
  • Promotes Centredness
  • Relief from stress & anxiety
  • Crystal therapy has been used for centuries
  • Increased openness, memory, concentration, and mindfulness
  • Improved sleep and better control over your emotions and patience

Additionally, I utilise a variety of healing crystals and/or sound, each having a specific frequency of healing to treat certain areas or to perform psychic surgery.

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