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Reconnect to your soul and heart energy.


Meditations are a form of mindfulness practice in which the individual is often sitting or lying comfortably with their eyes closed whilst focusing on their breathing, sounds and/or a voice.

During this process, the brain waves slow down from gamma to theta waves and the body relaxes. There are many different types of meditation for example guided, healing, sound, mantra, mindfulness, movement and reflective meditation with so many more which will take the individual on a blissful healing journey.

  • A modern busy lifestyle alongside stress or health challenges can
  • often cause us to feel pretty low
  • feel like life is taking you over
  • feel that you're not the best version of yourself

This journey involves the clearing of negative energetic blocks which have been accumulated in the body, mind and spirit also connection through traumatic experiences and people over many years and lifetimes. Meditation helps with the reprogramming of subconscious belief systems. This process will also cleanse balance and heal all chakras and auric fields.

You will be able to firmly connect to your root chakra and root cause of all issues and pain within your body and mind. The connection with your divine Soul purpose and mission will be established and strengthened throughout this process. Often one's purpose can become very clear throughout this process and with regular consistent practice as it switches of the busy overthinking mind, it re-connects one to the soul and the heart energy.

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