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Psychic Circle

Join my group of wonderful spiritual individuals.

Psychic Circle

Join my Psychic Cirlce and reap the benefits of increased spiritual connection by connecting to like-minded people in a socially inclusive environment.

You can connect with loved ones, allow your body, mind and spirit to heal themselves or just to be involved and feel better all over which can help to reduce anxiety and stress.

  • My Psychic Circle group includes
  • Collective Meditation
  • Collective Healing
  • Chakra and Energy field balance and healing
  • Psychic Mediumship (depending on week)
  • Tarot and Angel cards Readings (swap readings - 1 message per person, depending on numbers)

We welcome new members every week and you hope to see you soon. This is a distance collective event.

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Worthing, England
Phone: +44 7543 164655

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