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What Is Psychic Mediumship?

The ability to see, feel or hear spirits of people who have passed away

Psychic Mediumship

A Psychic Medium also known as a Clairvoyant or Clairsentient is someone who, usually from a young age, has the ability to see, feel or hear spirits or people who have passed away. Most young people have heightened psychic abilities and can see beyond. As the brain develops the 6th sense diminishes slightly, but for the gifted individuals it stays strong and a prevalent part of their life.

A child with the gift is often more mature than fellow peers of the same age and often struggle in early life for karmic reasons. This can have the positive effect of teaching to overcome obstacles and grow spiritually. Psychic Mediums are ‘old souls’ who have lived throughout many lifetimes and eras and have gained valuable knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Psychics feel good and bad energy within their solar plexus (stomach) or the mind as they see through the third eye (space between the eyebrows within the brain via the pineal gland) and they are seekers of the truth and highly sensitive. True psychic mediums work from their heart to encourage the strengths within others, improve their confidence and help them achieve their goals. They are true empaths, optimistic and caring.

Spirits speak to psychic mediums in the form of energy. It is a code, translatable into words or pictures.

A true psychic can help you reconnect to your divine essence by working their way through your past, present and future by using their inner guidance system along with the physical help of Tarot and Angel cards. This unique link with spirit and energy provides information about where your emotional, mental and physical blocks are and then helps to release them.

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