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Psychic Development Workshop

Develop your Psychic and Mediumship skills to help yourself and others.

Do you feel that you are different from other people with a heightened sense of awareness and psychic ability or do you sometimes get strong premonitions and dreams about people or their life events? Do you think or feel alone, because of the way you are seeing the world and human behaviours?
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason and that we are all ONE and are you a seeker of truth and integrity?

Have you seen spirit’s before, but you didn’t tell anybody – because they might think that you are crazy? Do you get feelings or pain of other humans, animals, plants or even the earth?

Do you have a strong desire or interest to develop your Psychic or Mediumship skills in order to communicate with the spirit world or to predict your own future or the future of others? I can teach you the knowledge to know and understand the difference between 'gut feeling' and 'thinking' as part of my Psychic Development Workshop.

If any of the above resonate with your personal truths, then you might be a very gifted, intuitive individual who would greatly benefit from this development workshop.

I run the Psychic Development Workshop on Saturdays and weekdays (upon request) from 11am to 1pm and everyone is welcome. This can be either on a one-2-one basis or an online course.

Make the most of the 'Early bird price' for all 4x2 hour sessions at a very reasonable rate of £120 instead of £140 or just drop in for one session at £35.

  • The workshop includes the following:
  • Healing, guiding and balancing meditation at the beginning of every session
  • Foundation of meditation and the benefits of it
  • Opening up your third eye through healing and practice
  • Blending, meeting and working with your own spirit guides
  • Learn how to receive messages from your higher self
  • Learn how to use and read angel and tarot cards
  • Psychometry
  • Trance & Mediumship
  • hakra balancing and Aura cleansing
  • Manifesting goals and dreams through the law of attraction
  • Clearing, protecting and charging of humans, animals, rooms and crystals

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